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Mithril Awards Forum

Mithril Awards for Tolkien Fanfiction
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The Mithril Awards for Tolkien fanfiction, poetry & critical essays: independent awards established in 2003 for amateur writings inspired by Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, The Hobbit & other works of JRR Tolkien.

This journal is a place to ask the Awards Committee any questions you might have about the awards. Feel free to post new topics, or just respond to existing ones. Feedback is welcomed, whether positive or negative, but posts that specifically reference authors/stories in the semi-finalist lists will be removed, so as not to offend any authors reading here.

If you're an LJ user, click on the little blue pencil at the top of this page to post. You don't need to join the community. If you're not an LJ user, you can reply to existing posts (as Anonymous), but unfortunately you won't be able to start a new thread -- blame LiveJournal, not us! You can get a free LJ account by visiting the LiveJournal Homepage. You don't need to maintain a livejournal of your own.